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Modrič cave close to Starigrad-Paklenica Modrič cave close to Starigrad-Paklenica Modrič cave close to Starigrad-Paklenica

Activity parameters

Modrič cave close to Starigrad-Paklenica


Duration of the activity:

Is a tour leader supplied?  



We provide:

ten-minute walk from a parking lot in Rovanjska

2-3 hours

yes - guided tour

all year round

easy to moderate

guiding, helmets with carbide lamps, overalls.

Activity in brief

Caves—untouched jewels of nature and shelter for all sorts of creatures—are one of Croatia’s most precious riches. The Modrič Cave (Špilja Modrič) is situated between Rovanjska and the village of Modrič, about 8 kilometres from the Paklenica Sport Apartments. The cave was discovered in 1985, but it was not open to visitors until 2004. The cave is not very long—just a little bit over 800 meters—but it is resplendent with spectacular natural formations.  In addition to the stalactites and stalagmites, human and animal bones were found there as well as prehistoric ceramics, showing evidence of human habitation. Even though there are several caves in the area, this one is special enough to deserve legal protection.


Visits to the cave are organized in small groups and strictly follow all ecological norms and regulations. The excursions are absolutely safe and possible only under guidance of certified tour leaders / guides. Even today a visit to the cave is not a typical tourist activity since there are no stairs, marked paths or installed electric lights inside. The cave is completely natural which makes this visit a true speleological event, and therefore it is necessary to wear overalls and a helmet with a carbide lamp.


This will allow visitors to walk freely through the halls, passages, and corridors. The constant temperature in the cave is around 17º C (62.6º F), and that makes it perfect for year-round exploring. This cave can be visited by complete beginners as well as experienced speleologists—and children 7 years old and over are also welcome.


The Modrič Cave is an easy ten-minute walk from a parking lot in Rovanska, 29 meters above sea level. After the guide helps you don your overalls and helmets, you will enter the world of fantastic underground creations. You will be surrounded by magnificent stalactites, stalagmites, and pillars as well as intricate speleological shapes resembling jellyfish, cuttlefish, red queens and a host of other surprises. After just a few short passages, you will find yourself in spacious, vaulted chambers.

Your guide will let you take as many pictures as you like. Plan two to three hours for the entire excursion.


While your guide will provide overalls and helmets, remember to wear appropriate shoes that you won’t mind dirtying. A visit to the Modrič Cave is one you’ll never forget!



Prices and dates

The price is EUR 25 per person. 


The excursion is available all year round, and must be booked at least two days in advance.