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One-day hike in Krka National Park One-day hike in Krka National Park One-day hike in Krka National Park

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Skradinski Buk circular hiking trail and Stinice-Roški Slap hike

1 day (no overnight stay)

no - independent (a hiking tour leader may be provided on request for individuals and groups)

from March until October


Map of the National Park, a GPS device, a list of checkpoint coordinates, unlimited advice and tips, and telephone support.

Activity in brief

Krka NP

Leaving the Paklenica Sport Apartments, you drive in the direction of Zadar. In Maslenica you take the A1 highway toward Split until you reach the Šibenik exit. From there you follow signs for the Krka National Park. At the entrance in Lozovac {1} you park your car and buy tickets. If you plan to make an excursion by boat to Roški Slap, you will also have to buy tickets for the boat. The boat normally stops at Visovac Island and Roški Slap only. To hike from Stinice {4} to Roški Slap {6}, ask whether it would be possible to disembark at Stinice and return to Skradinski Buk by a later boat departing from Roški Slap. Make sure to ask when the boats are leaving. The captain of the boat must also be informed about your plans.

At the entrance at Lozovac {1} a bus will take you to the bus stop {2} closest to the Skradinski Buk hiking trail and the boat departure point {3}. If you have to wait for your boat a long time, you can visit Skradinski Buk first. However, normally it is better to take the boat excursion first because the boats have limited number of departure times. Once on board, you’ll enjoy a pleasant boat ride across the Visovac Lake. In the middle of the lake you’ll see Visovac Island with its historic Franciscan monastery and museum. On Visovac, you’ll experience the harmony of nature, culture and spirituality. After visiting Visovac, ask to disembark at Stinice {4}, which is close to Visovac.

At Stinice, an 8 km hiking trail leads to Roški Slap. After passing picturesque woods, the trail ascends to 200 m above sea level, its highest point. As you ascend, don’t forget to turn around to see the wonderful panorama behind you. At the crossroad close to the village of Malenice {5}, turn left. You will be passing a karst plateau with lovely gardens and olive trees. The trail overlooks the Krka River that flows through the canyon. In front of you widens a really nice panorama of the northern part of Visovac Lake with Roški Slap at the end. Passing marshes, meadows and terraces with fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, you’ll arrive at the restored water mills at Roški Slap {6}. That is a perfect place for a rest before embarking on a short circular trail around Roški Slap.

Close to the pedestrian bridge accros Roški Slap, you will see a sign for the trail leading to Oziđana Pećina {7}. If you still have time and energy to climb 516 stairs, you can ascend to Oziđana Pećina – an interesting cave with an in situ archaeological collection proving that the cave was used by humans in ancient times. Standing in front of the cave you have a perfect view over the cascades at Roški Slap, called Necklaces. After the hike you can rest on the boat that will take you from the mills at Roški Slap {6} back to Skradinski Buk {3}. By boat you will pass the same canyon you admired during your hike.

If you don’t want to take the boat, you can arrive by car to Roški Slap and follow the hiking trail to the crossroad close to the village of Malenice {5}. Start descending in the direction of Stinice {4} until you see a beautiful panorama over Visovac Lake and Visovac Island. From that point you can turn back the same way.

Skradinski Buk is the most famous part of the Krka National Park. Its circular hiking trail is only about 2 km long, but take your time to enjoy all the waterfalls, travertine barriers, plants and animals. The lowest point of the trail is at sea level. At the left side of the Krka River you will see a working hydroelectric power plant as well as the remains of the old hydroelectric power plant. Nikola Tesla (who was born in Croatia) helped to build the old power plant in 1895, the same year in which the Niagara’s hydroelectric power plant was put in action. The alternating current produced at the old plant on the Krka River was brought to Šibenik. On your way back to the Paklenica Sport Apartments, make sure to visit the historical cities of Šibenik or Skradin to complete your scenic tour.

Prices and dates

The entrance fee for the Krka National Park in the high season from June until September is EUR 15 per adult. Round-trip excursion by boat from Skradinski Buk to Roški Slap costs EUR 17 per adult. The dates of operation are not fixed.