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Hiking in Paklenica National Park Hiking in Paklenica National Park Hiking in Paklenica National Park

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Seline – Velika Paklenica – Anica luka – Anica kuk – (Jurline – Njive Lekine – Mala Paklenica)  Jukići – Seline

1 day (no overnight stay)

no—independent (a hiking tour leader may be provided on request for individuals and groups)

from March until October

moderate to fit

Map of the National Park, a GPS device, a list of checkpoint coordinates, tickets to the National Park, unlimited advice and tips, and telephone support.

Activity in brief

Paklenica National ParkLeaving the Paklenica Sport Apartments {1}, cross the main street and go right. Take the first street on your left (Put Škiljići-Dadići) {2} which will lead you toward the mountains and the village of Dadići. In Dadići {3} you go left to reach the main entrance of the Paklenica National Park {4}. Between Dadići and the main entrance, you’ll see a path labelled “A Short Journey through History,” equipped with five boards presenting the history of the area from prehistoric times to date.


Inside the National Park, follow the paved road. When it becomes a gravel road, you’ll be entering the Velika Paklenica Canyon. You follow its course to Anica Luka {5} where you leave the canyon and start climbing in the direction of Anica Kuk. As Anica Kuk is well-known amongst climbers in Croatia, the way to reach it is well-marked. The hike up the mountain is demanding, but once you reach the summit, you will experience a breathtaking view on the canyon and the highest tops of Velebit. The rock is more than 300 meters high, and is famous for its challenging crags and overhangs. The top of Anica Kuk {7} is 711 m above sea level—the highest point on this route.


From the top you’ll go back to the crossing {6} under the top of Anica Kuk. In fact, if you would prefer not to climb all the way to the summit, at that crossing you can go in the direction of Jurline, to reach Lukčeva Pećina and a meadow used as a heliport.

At the meadow {8}, go south (turn right) following hiking trails number 10 and 14 that go downhill toward Seline (village of Jukići) {9}. If you want to make a longer hike, at the meadow go north (turn left) following trail number 14 until you reach the village of Jurline {10}, then follow trails number 8 and 13 eastward until you reach Njive Lekine. At the crossing in Njive Lekine {11}, you can either choose trail number 11 and go south or continue going eastward on trails number 12 and 13 and descend into the canyon of Mala Paklenica. The canyon is nice but the trail inside it is quite demanding.


If you choose trail numbers 10 or 11 to return to your starting point, you will have a broad view of the Adriatic Sea and its scenic islands. Leaving the mountain and the National Park, you’ll reach a paved road at the village of Jukići {9}. There you turn right to go west and pass the villages of Jusupi and Jurline. At last you’ll arrive at the village of Dadići {3}, where a left turn will bring you southward to the Paklenica Sport Apartments {1}.


The entire hike takes 5 to 7 hours depending on the actual route you choose. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothes and bring plenty of water to drink on the hike. This is one excursion you’ll never forget!

Prices and dates

Entrance fee for the Paklenica National Park in the period from may till september is EUR 7 per adult person.  The dates are not fixed.