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Bike in Paklenica


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Seline – Starigrad – Mirila – Reljani – Modrič – Kitnasta Glavica – Rovanjska – Seline

1 day (no overnight stay)

no - independent

from March until October

moderate to demanding

route west: Seline - Mirila: 130 m
route west: Seline - Veliko Rujno: 900 m
route east: Dadići - Rovanjska: 170 m

bicycles, map of the biking routes, a GPS device, a list of checkpoint coordinates, unlimited advice and tips, and telephone support.

Activity in brief

Leaving the Paklenica Sport Apartments {1}, cross the main street and go right. Take the first street on your left (Put Škiljići-Dadići) {2} that leads you in the direction of the Velebit Mountains to the village of Dadići. In Dadići {3} you can go either to the left or to the right. If you go to the left, soon you’ll reach the main entrance to the National Park {4} in Velika Paklenica. Starting from that point, you can return on the same road by which you came, and follow the educational track entitled “A Short Journey through History.” Or you can go westward to the village of Starigrad-Paklenica. At the crossroads {5} you’ll have to turn right and follow a one-kilometer uphill road to reach the parking lot {6}. There you’ll see an educational pedestrian path explaining Mirila, uniquely Croatian monuments to the departed. By bike you can continue uphill, as your view over Starigrad and the sea widens. Your road ends in Veliko Rujno {7}, almost 900 m above sea level. If you get tired riding your bike uphill, go back using the same route, passing by the center of Starigrad-Paklenica {5} and the main entrance to the National Park {4}.


At the crossroads in the village of Dadići {3}, you can turn right to take a break at the Paklenica Sport Apartments {1} or you can continue east, keeping the Velebit Mountains on your left. You will pass different villages before reaching the second entrance to the National Park {8} in Mala Paklenica. Continue east, until you arrive to the village of Reljani {9}, where you will have to take the main road for 1 km, after which you’ll turn onto a gravel road to reach the ruins of the Modrič Fortress {10}.

Descending, you pass the village of Modrič and cross the main road to reach a fresh water fountain named Vrilo Velebit (Fountain of Velebit) {11}. After crossing the main road again, take the street called Put Hrvatskih Brigada in the village of Modrič and go uphill to the crossroads {12}. There you will turn left in the direction of Kitasta Glavica. At the crossroads directly below Kitasta Glavica {13}, turn left to enter the village from the west side. Once you are in the village itself {14}, you will have to get off your bike and push it for approximately 60 m. Continue first southeast and then south, passing under the power transmission lines and above the highway {15}. At the next crossroad {16}, turn right (westward) along the big quarry; pass under the highway and reach the crossroads above Rovanjska {17}. Close to the crossroad is the Modrič Cave. If you go left, you will arrive at the center of Rovanjska. If you continue straight, you will arrive in Modrič (Vrilo Velebit) {11}, circling back to the Paklenica Sport Apartments {1} where the tour started.


Cycling enthusiasts and casual bikers alike will love this delightful excursion through the Croatian countryside. Remember to wear appropriate clothing for the weather, bring plenty of water to drink, and get ready for a wonderful day!

Prices and dates

The price (includes rent of a bicycle) is EUR 10 per day per person. 


The dates are not fixed, however, preliminary booking is advisable (depends on availability of the equipment).